Innovations in telecommunication, mobile technology, and the Internet are responsible for making the remote workplace a reality. Companies are now free to enlist the help of a single workforce for completing projects. Working remotely means that a work is given to you and it is your responsibility to finish it before the deadline. So, working remotely and being responsible for managing a remote team are two different things.

People who run remote teams generally have to focus on three areas:

  • Deciding how to keep communicating with the remote teams
  • Effectively manage a multicultural team
  • Motivating the team for maximum output

With the three above mentioned points in mind, here are some great tips for you that will help you to manage a remote or distributed team better. eLearning courses will help you to understand it even more.

How to run a remote team?

Apply these strategies for proper management of a multicultural team:

  1. Hire the right people- Before managing a team the most important thing is to get an efficient team. You need to appoint people who are suitable for the job. Only with them, it will become easier for you to make your team work efficiently and reach targets.
  2. Keep a neutral tone- While working with a remote team, cultural differences often lead to differences in opinions. Behaviors in humor, criticism, and sarcasm vary from one culture to another. For avoiding conflicts, be straightforward and maintain a neutral tone when you give both negative and positive remarks.
  3. Select your words- As the working hours are not fixed and members of your team are in different places, communication gaps will be common. Moreover, the language barrier will be another issue. So, try to use simple words instead of using complicated words. Also, take time to frame your sentences and edit messages whenever necessary to avoid regretting your words afterward.
  4. Embrace and encourage diversity- Treating diversity in cultures as a nuisance is a bad idea. For the best advantage of the company, embrace diversity and function around it. Keep stereotypes at bay and form judgments on the character and potential of a team member through future observations and interactions.
  5. Communication- All successful employers and executives believe that the lack of proper communication with the team harms the task’s outcome. One-on-one conversations with team members will assure them that each one of them matters. Weekly hangouts can help you strengthen your bond with your team and keep members updated about the progress of the project.
  6. Use proper tools- There is a wide range of conferencing tools that you can use. You can send documents, chat online and perform several other functions at the same time. Make use of multiple devices to maintain a smooth workflow.
  7. Boost morale of employees- Low self-esteem decreases productivity. While running a remote team, there are several things that you can do for keeping your team members’ spirits high. Giving negative feedback is mandatory to let team members know their faults. But, only positive comments and words of praise can encourage them to give their best.