When we decided to buy a mobile phone, protection should be a priority. Unless you have a rugged screen, the use of a case (or case) becomes a necessity. No one would want their precious hundred-dollar phone to be reduced to tiny pieces of glass after the first fall. So you should choose a best case such as Samsung Galaxy S9 cases from Holland.

What model to choose? With hundreds or thousands of options available, it sometimes becomes a complicated task and we end up overwhelmed. The first thing you have to do is take a few minutes to think about what you need, believe me it ends up being useful in the long run.

Silicone or TPU bumpers and cases

These turn out to be the most popular options among users. The bumper offers less protection than the case, as it only protects the edges of the phone. The millimeter edges prevent the screen from having direct contact with the pavement in the event of a fall and many have a soft material that prevents the phone from slipping.

The bumper is recommended for those who do not want to sacrifice the original appearance of the phone. Sometimes it is the cheapest solution, although you should be aware that they do not offer the protection of other cases.
The silicone sleeve and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) are the most popular. They exist in multiple designs and are combined with other materials to offer a decent protection to your mobile. Most of them have a rubber finish that offers a better grip and prevents slipping, although sometimes this generates some friction when it is stored in the trouser bag.

Brands such as Spigen, Speck, Griffin, Case Mate offer good models and sometimes outperform the official cost-benefit covers.

Full covers or with lid

Most popular among executives and the female audience, full and cap covers offer good protection and have an elegant design. Some are leather and allow you to store credit cards, the meter or even have a small stylus. Depending on the model is the protection, since some have the sides discovered (the cover, for example).

Protect your phone from falls, scratches on the screen and housing if you carry keys or coins in your pants and are easy to store. Some have magnets to facilitate closing the lid, while others fold as a shelf, similar to the smart cover of the iPad and other tablets.

Prices vary depending on the brand and material; if you want some skin you will have to add zeros to the final cost.

Rugged and tough

These two are the safest, but the least practical. The rugged cases offer good protection to your phone and have reinforced corners to prevent damage in falls. Most have a rubbery material that prevents you from slipping (especially if your hands get sweaty) and offer outgoing buttons to make it easier to interact with the phone.

The bad? They are big, they add weight to the phone and do not fit in the trouser bag. In this case, tough cases turn out to be a more practical option. The polycarbonate cover has less grip, but usually have sections with rubber or texture so that the phone does not slip

For specific needs

The housing meets an end, protect our phone, but there are times when we look for something additional. For example, you may be an engineer working on a construction site or perhaps an explorer, in this case a rugged cover with dust and water protection would work perfectly.

If you are an athlete, a sleeve that fits your arm would be perfect as you run. Maybe your phone’s battery does not charge as before (or you still use the iPhone 5), in this case you can buy a case with battery included that offers you an additional charge to end the day.