Everyone must have been at the zealous sometimes with deleting the pictures or accidentally deleted photos from social media or from the device. When you have deleted a bunch of photos accidentally from your mobile phone or camera, then it would be a stressful time and worst scenario. Using the correct tools and techniques, it is quite easier to recover the photos in the much more easier way so there is no need to worry about anything. Everyone must have come to a situation of deleting their photos and looking for the best way to recover the file. Get the handy and quick guide to deleting the photo recovery in much hassle-free process.

What Happens When Photos Are Deleted From SD Card?

When you have deleted the photos from SD card, then the SD card marks space as free but it is not technically deleted. Therefore when you want to recover the lost photos then you should not use the SD card or add any new photos or connect to phone or camera. When the data is written on the space in which the photos are stored then they are permanently lost. Nowadays, most of the mobile phones, cameras and SD cards also come with the free data recovery software that has many number of programs and they allow you to easily recover deleted photos. Photo recovery software works effectively based on Operating System and below are 2 compatible software for Windows and Mac Operating System.


Recuva is the best free data recovery software that is excellent for recovering the photos, music, videos, emails, documents, as well as other virtual programs. Recuva also lets you to easily undertake photo recovery techniques from the SD cards. It is also efficient to easily recover the data from the rewritable media that includes the external hard drives and USB flash drives. In fact, the Recuva software allows you to perform the complete scan for the extensive photo restoration in SD card in case the photos are deleted accidentally.

  • Start Recuva
  • Enter Advanced mode
  • Click Options
  • Click the Actions Tab
  • Click Scan for non-deleted files
  • Then click OK
  • Run Recuva scan as normal
  • Non-deleted files will be indicated in the green double-circle status icon
  • Recover it


PhotoRec is the ultimate Photo Recovery Program used for Mac and Windows Operating System. PhotoRec is quite effective than the photo recovery program and it is specialized in recovering more than 390 file types. PhotoRec does not have the flashy interface so there is no additional software to install. In fact, it is much easier to download and install the PhotoRec anywhere other than SD card that you tend to recover the photos from.

  • PhotoRec works on Operating System – Windows and Mac
  • Choose the file ‘photorec’
  • Double click to run it
  • Enter Password
  • Choose page where Memory Card (or other device) to work on
  • Use Up and Down arrow keys to select media to recover from
  • Click Search to start the recovery process
  • Click Options and change settings
  • Click File Opt – modify the list of file types