It’s a sad fact of life that hardly a week goes by news agencies aren’t reporting on the aftermath of a shooter in crowded yet normally peaceful places. Somehow, school massacres are the most shocking of all. How many students could have been saved if their school had the security that gunshot detection systems provide, and local law enforcement had known what was going on in time? It’s not just schools, no place where large numbers of people can be found is bullet proof or off limits anymore.

Is This Technology as Reliable as It Sounds?

Using strategically placed high tech sensors, a processing unit, and a user-interface designed to display gunfire alerts authorities know exactly where the shot came from and what area to converge on. Fear is a given when a shooter is discovered in the area, but panic can be avoided, and lives saved when detection technology is part of the security plan.

These systems are designed to “listen” for the shockwave of a bullet passing through the air as well as the actual sound a weapon makes when fired. Detection systems don’t require line-of-sight to work, and only need a relatively low bandwidth to transmit sensor data. Homeland Security, law enforcement, and those responsible for public safety place their trust in these systems for good reason.

Statistics Don’t Lie

Data from a detection system was used during the Ohio Highway Sniper Attacks of 2003-2004. In 2008 the Washington, DC Police Department used it to help locate as many as 62 victims of violence and were able to make 9 arrests instead of allowing the guilty to walk free due to lack of information. Since then many more cities in the U.S. have begun using detection technology, and now the idea has made it to other nations as well.

The FBI trusts this technology and that says a lot. What says even more is now the U.S. Secret Service trusts it to help them protect the White House and United States Naval Observatory. Please visit here.


Is It Really Worth It?

There is no doubt anything that gives you an edge in a dangerous situation is worth considering. So yes, a good detection system is most certainly worth it. When they have real-time information to work with law enforcement shaves precious minutes off response time, and they already know exactly where to concentrate their efforts before they even arrive at the scene. This effectively pins the shooter in one location, preventing further violence.

Some might argue that anyone who can hear at all should be able to tell when a gun has been fired and in what general area, but, what if the shooter uses a silenced and suppressed weapon? Simply put, detection system technology is the reason so many are alive today that would have otherwise been killed via gun violence. So, to answer the question of value with another question, what is a human life worth? Please visit this site.