Pigments are permanent. Once you print your poster using the traditional 4 or 8 color printing process, that’s it. And if that printed poster becomes outdated in a short while, well, it won’t be historic for quite some time. The pixel is the binary chameleon; the digital equivalent of the age-old dot matrix ink jet method of presenting content. Ever adapting to its environment with the entire spectrum of colors. Digital signage is pretty much a digital no brainer. 

Enplug has embraced the digital signage business model. This is a group of people who have recognized the value in choosing pixels over pigments. The vast capabilities of a single screen can transform the age-old practices of any business by orders of magnitude. Your treasured cell phone can display a multitude of visual and audio information, but the digital signage solution makes your smart phone look like a 10-pound rotary dial model. 

Digital signage is totally connected and can be managed from a simple GUI interface from anywhere in the world. The software is specifically designed for the multi-media designer and the creative possibilities are limitless. No matter what your business model or product or service is, the digital signage solution will adapt, perform and deliver a high level of content for you instantly. 

Digital signage is relatively new. However, its usefulness has exploded onto the advertisement and presentation stage in a big way. The savings can hardly be calculated. Opting for a digital solution in displaying content can cut the high cost of the professional printing company right out of your budget. Cutting cost is the first rule in the business 101 handbook. 

The incredible technology of today is already being taken for granted. Just a short while ago, less than a lifetime, nothing like what we have now was even conceivable. The digital signage solution is paving the way right now for content presentation the likes of which have yet to be realized. You’ve already seen it in your favorite restaurants and stores and you can’t peel your eyes away from that bright, brilliantly lit and colorful screen. The display shows you just what you were looking for and perhaps things that you weren’t aware of and find interesting. 

Again, the content possibilities are endless, and the functionality is world class and totally user friendly. There is no learning curve. Entering extremely customized content is what it was made for. Not only is the screen bright, but the future of digital signage is bright too. There are far too many reasons to give up traditional print in lieu of bits and bytes for presenting what you have to offer the world. The customer is the key, and we’re all visual creatures. The bright, moving images and pleasant sounds emanating from the pleasantly designed displays will show that you’re serious about your business and your customer base will respond in kind. It’s a win-win for everyone. Businesses, heed the call to the binary revolution.