Having a workspace that boosts your productivity is essential, whether it’s in the office or your study at home. It’s easy enough to find yourself distracted from your work, so having a desk that is free of clutter will help. Keep reading to find out how to create a workspace that will improve your productivity.

Plenty of storage

Only keep the essentials on your desk to avoid a build-up of clutter as this will only slow down productivity. A desk with drawers is ideal as it allows you to clear away any items that you use but don’t necessarily need on your desk all the time. You can find a suitable desk from companies such as https://www.furniture-work.co.uk. Paperwork can be filed away and you can use desk tidies and pen pots to make your desk look neater.

Bring in nature

Adding a plant to your desk is an easy way to boost your productivity and also helps improve your workplace air quality. Plants help circulate oxygen and more oxygen can reduce fatigue.
They can also help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.Choose a plant that requires low maintenance such as a succulent, or if your desk doesn’t get much sunlight opt for a golden photos, peace lily or a snake plant.

Add a personal touch

Having objects on your desk that remind you of the people you love or a fond memory can inspire and encourage you. Things such as a family photo, an award that you won at work or even a souvenir from a holiday, are all items that you can keep on your desk to keep you motivated and focused.

Keep a notepad

Although we live in a digital world where most of our work is completed on a computer, it’s important to keep a notepad on your desk as a way to write down any notes or ideas from meetings or phone calls. Alternatively, you can keep a stack of sticky notes to jot down those brief messages.