Mass notification systems (MNS) are used so that leadership in companies, government and schools can communicate with employees, students or the general public quickly during emergencies. These emergencies are typically weather, or terrorist related. Without these systems, many lives could be loss due to confusion or simply because people didn’t get critical information. Sales of these systems is expected to increase by nearly 7% by 2021 in the United States. Below are some important benefits of purchasing an MNS.

Multi Platform Notification

Multi channel software makes it possible to integrate with the vast majority of communication devices for fast and effective notifications from a central web based interface. This ensures that the right message gets to the right people on time. The notification is also secure.

Complete Emergency Response

A comprehensive response gives organizations unmatched ability to respond to major threats such as natural disasters or terrorist acts quickly and efficiently. This means that all pertinent personnel are notified instantly to include emergency responders. The messaging can also be customized to fit most customer needs.

Reduce Inaccurate Information

One of the big problems during an emergency is misinformation due to chaos and panic. A clear unified message needs to reach the right people quickly and accurately. This can help dispel rumors and save lives.

Rapid Extensive Outreach

The software can reach an unlimited number of users instantly on demand. Leadership can tailor the messages to match any scenario. This would not be possible without MNS.

Reduced Communication Time

In an emergency situation, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. It is critical to have fast and effective communication. This also can help reduce cost and legal implications after the disaster.

Internet Based

Users are able to send out messages from anywhere that has internet service. This is extremely important because administrators can use their smart phones if they happen to be away from their computers. The applications are also user friendly and are designed with time saving in mind.

Employee Safety

For any organization, the employees are their greatest asset. A MNS allows rapid feedback on the status of an organizations personnel. This allows the organization to target its resources to the people in need. Users can also quickly relay their location information to administrators.


Some organizations are required to have a MNS such as Singlewire. The requirements can vary by state and the type of business or agency. Regulation ensures that the minimum requirements are being met to notify and protect personnel and assets.


It is important for organizations to receive a receipt stating that the employee or individual was notified and responded by stating their status. This is important for their safety, but also for possible legal proceedings if a person is hurt or killed. Unlike other antiquated systems, MNS can provide this critical information. The receipt can be customized in a few different ways such as a clicking a link in an email, responding to a text or pressing a specified number on keypad.