Without the shadow of the doubt, we can say that everyone has their social media accounts on different social media platforms. There is the number of instant messaging apps that are popular among the users such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Viber, and Vine, WhatsApp, Snapchat and plenty of others alike. All these trendy social messaging apps have fascinated the users a lot and that’s why people have made more than one instant messenger accounts.

Over the last few years when the social apps have provided contemporary tools that enable users to make free text messages, private chats, audio and video calls and Voice messages without paying a single penny really have attracted to the user to the social networking accounts no time ever before. However, there are some people that really want to spy on social media accounts.

Who want to spy on social media accounts?

Parents might be the ones that need to spy on kids and teens social media accounts in order to protect them from all digital nightmares. Furthermore, spouses and partners want to spy on each other’s social media accounts to prevent to be a victim of cyber infidelity.

On some certain levels messengers that enable a user to share heavy data such as WhatsApp and Skype social media app, employers also want to monitor the social media accounts of their employee to prevent data breaching or other things that can put the business at stake.

Spy on social media accounts with cell phone spy app

If you have made up your mind and you really want to soy on someone’s social media accounts, then you have to choose the best cell phone spying software. Therefore, you should go for cell phone tracking software official website and then subscribe to the phone spy software. You will get the email that contains the credentials such as passcode and ID. Now you need to get access to the target cell phone device and install the mobile phone surveillance software on the target cell phone. Once you have done it successfully, all you need to do is to activate it on the target cell phone. Furthermore, you need to use the credentials and get access to the target cell phone device.

Install TOS –Dashboard App for iPhones to Spy on Social Media Accounts

If the user is personally using iPhone device and also a user of cell phone spy app in order to track someone’s social media account, then you can install TOS –Dashboard app on your iPhone device for better spying results. Once you have to download it on your phone, then you can use it as you are using other apps on your phone. Simply put your given credentials to it and prevent back and forth login activity on the cell phone browser to view the monitoring results. It will provide you fast and accurate results without missing a log of target social media account of your target. You just need to tap on the iPhone dashboard app and you can view the results to the fullest.

Use cell phone tracking app tools to spy on social media accounts

After having a quick access to the dashboard of cell phone surveillance software you can use multiple cell phone spying app tools that can enable a user to spy on the target cell phone device and installed social media apps accounts to the fullest. You can simply use IM’s social of the mobile phone tracking software. It will provide you IM’s logs such as audio and video conversations, private messages, chat conversations, shared photos and videos and sent Voice messages. Furthermore, you can use live screen recording of the mobile phone monitoring software. It will empower the user to make back to back short videos of the screen of the phone when a user is using the social media apps account and videos will be sent to the online control panel. You can visit the videos through your web control panel or with TOS –Dashboard if you are using iPhone.

Furthermore, a user can use TOS spy-360-live-screen-sharing and share the screen live to the online control panel and a user can view it live.


If you want to spy on someone’s social media account that is running on the target cell phone, then you can do it with cell phone monitoring app.


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