There are a number of accessories that you might want to have in order to carry out special function by using your drone. They are capable of doing a number of activities with the help of installation of certain additional features. contains more information in order to acknowledge you in this area.

Here are some important features that are a must have:

Guards for propeller:

Getting nipped by the fan propeller might be dangerous for anyone. This is why it becomes very important to guard them. Handling a drone can be a tough job, in the beginning, moreover, this is the time in which the person handling gets hurt the most. These propellers, when exposed to the environment, are very sensitive. They get damaged easily and thus they are prone to breakage. A guard will prevent your drone to get trapped in a tree or bushes of any kind. The following are the main reasons why a guard propeller is important for you.

Better recovery:

For instance, if your drone gets trapped or fell for a height the propellers originally will not get damaged if they are protected with a guard. These propellers can get damaged very easily thus it’s important to protect them.

Travel friendly

The guard will help to protect the user to carry it comfortably. This will help you to grab on to something while you travel.

Better visibility:

Having a guard propeller will help to make the drone more visible when it is high in the air.

Landing protection:

Either way, your drone will land your drone will be protected. It will not be damaged either way.


It will also make your drone look stylish with exciting colors. Moreover, you can go for a certain type of color and design in order to make it look unique and customize it.


These propellers are extremely inexpensive as they are made of plastic.


A good customized case is very important for drones. This will keep them protected and you can carry it very easily. It is a very important investment that will help you to travel easily without worrying about breaking any delicate part of the drone.

Micro SD card:

An extra SD card is important for the people who take many pictures. It is the most important investment as you never have enough memory for pictures.


Safety of the user as well as the fellow pedestrian is very important. Safety is the number one purpose of having a guard for the propeller. To keep your drone safe, you need to select the best drones radio transmitter for your drone.