Owning your own business has never been easier than in the digital age. Thanks to the internet, whether you sell a product or provide a service, you no longer need a storefront or physical location to do it. In addition, thanks to a wide range of subscription services for some of the most used business apps, even startup costs for many businesses are lower than ever before. Here are 5 tech options that all small businesses should be using.

1. File sharing

File sharing has come a long way and is no longer simply a matter of sharing documents or photos. There are a wide range of industries that can benefit from file sharing apps like Dropbox or One Drive. Real estate agents can have access to thousands of different types of documents no matter where they are and even have clients sign documents digitally. File sharing apps also give you access to your own documents no matter where you may roam.

2. Project management apps

Whether you work with a team or by yourself, there are few individuals that don’t tend to have several irons in the fire or be working on several projects at once. Project management apps like Trello allow you to switch from project to project with maximum efficiency or keep everyone in a group all on the same page.

3. Communications

Text and e-mail are great communication tools, of course, but in today’s business world sometimes groups need to communicate or collaborate from multiple locations. Video conferencing apps like Skype are great for the digital version of face-to-face communication, but there are also a number of business-based group-chat apps like Slack that can be divided into channels for different projects or even open up a private chat.

4. Cloud storage

Cloud storage services have come a long way and are now considered an even safer alternative than physical servers. Not only are they safer, they also tend to be cheaper. There are also a number of different types of cloud storage available for different types of businesses. Some tasks that utilize cloud storage require faster than average connection speed. Video editors, for instance, can use special services that offer shared storage for video editing. These services offer lightning fast download speeds that is critical for working with video files.

5. Bookkeeping software

Some people start a small business in hopes of seeing it grow into a big one, while others simply want to own their own small business. Where large companies have the budgets and resources to hire a wide range of staff to handle a number of different aspects of their business, small business owners often have to wear a number of different hats. From doing your own marketing to keeping your own books, small business owners need to have a wide range of tools in their tool belt. Thankfully, there are a growing range of programs geared towards helping small business owners juggle the many responsibilities involved with running a small business. QuickBooks is one of the leading paid programs available, but there are also a number of free programs like Wave.