Whether on invitation, reserved for professionals or open to all, social networks and blogs take more and more space in our lives. With millions of followers – Facebook has more than 2.13 billion monthly users. They are essential tools for communication and change. Of course, social networks offer advantages to those who register, but also some disadvantages. We list some of the impacts here.

The benefits of social networks

Communication tools

Social networks have quickly become a promotional tool for business and service providers. They are also vectors of change, of mobilization. It is by communicating via these that the actors of the Arab Spring overthrew three governments in 2011.

Information tools

It is also via social networks that press companies and communication bodies inform their members (followers) of the latest developments in the news. Forget about special newsletters, tweets quickly reach Twitter followers. And their distribution is free.

Reconciliation tools

These same social networks make it possible to find lost relationships, old partners in love, classmates once appreciated, even distant relatives. They remain effective tools for getting news from loved ones. Some even learned of births and deaths in their own families. One of best communication tool is Humanily Social which is under development. Humanily is for individuals that need to interface straight away. It’s tied in with finding your clan today, and taking part in exercises together, not tomorrow, not one week from now, not in multi month, but rather today. The client will be in complete control, ready to pick the age range and sex of individuals they need to associate with. There will be the decision of meeting in a gathering setting, or meeting as people, it will be completely up to you. On account of availability, the application will have basic profile and enlistment highlights, making it brisk and uncomplicated to join. Once joined, the client can get to exercises and individuals to collaborate with during a period that suits them. It will be as straightforward as hitting the symbol for the trips you are occupied with, for example, espresso, lunch, after work drinks and some more.

Sharing tools

Many social networks, YouTube, Facebook and Dailymotion, among others, allow the dissemination of images that can change the world or involve interventions in some hot spots around the globe. The small videos of reprisals against Syrian and Yemeni demonstrators are fine examples of their effectiveness.

Valuable tools

These same social networks also help, for many, to strengthen their ego. They display their good moves, their successes, and minimize their failures. In short, the adepts can show themselves in an advantageous, even narcissistic, day, in addition to enhancing the feeling of belonging to a defined group.

Relational tools

Each social network offers the opportunity to multiply relationships, to develop new ones, to fantasize about individuals who accept our requests for friendship. Some find love there. Others find distant friends who, one day, could welcome them on a trip, as long as the relationship is developed.